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Statement by the editorial collective
on the war in Israel and Gaza

We express our solidarity with all those who have, directly or indirectly, become victims in the current conflict in Gaza and Israel. We regret the absence of adherence to international humanitarian norms and laws on the part of all parties to the conflict; they are a prerequisite for a lasting peace.

We are appalled by the anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism that has flared up in this context. We oppose any instrumentalization of the war and of the despair that exists on all sides.



Forum Kritische Archäologie

Interest in the political dimensions of archaeology has grown dramatically around the world. One of the outcomes has been a questioning of archaeological truth claims, which in turn has led to demands for the return of cultural property, questioning who may research, speak and write about the past of Others, and considerations of what kinds of relations we can and should develop to past Others. Today it is scarcely possible to speak about an ethically based, socially responsible archaeology without engaging with these themes.

→ Forum Kritische Archäologie 12 (2023)


Editorial collective


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